Broken Electronics?



Max Marine Electronics is a South Florida based business. Founder, Max Stein, turned his lifelong passion for fishing, boating and understanding marine electronics into a successful profession. Initially established as an eBay business November 2011, Max Marine has since branched out to incorporate an e-commerce site and began offering top notch repair services. Max Marine Electronics has quickly grown to be one of Florida’s most reliable go-to companies for both individual customers and businesses in search of hard-to-find, obsolete parts and quality electronic repairs.

Our belief is in treating our customers fairly and honestly. Our goal is to provide you with quality pre-owned marine electronics. A solution-minded staff, well versed in product functionality, compatibility and repair, is key to your satisfaction. Each individual item is fully bench tested on a live test setup that emulates a normal installation on a vessel. This is done to be sure that the unit not only powers on, but that all of the accessory ports function properly.


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