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As an avid boater and angler, I found it was a no brainer to turn these passions into a successful occupation and company. I started with yard sale finds I could sell on eBay and eventually honed in on marine electronics as something I was both interested in and something I saw a need for. Since then, Max Marine Electronics has become one of the top 2000 companies selling on eBay worldwide.

When I purchased items that were damaged or defective, I taught myself to repair these things. In dealing with all brands of all ages of marine electronics, I have learned the ins and outs of most marine electronics systems. Being self-taught through tons of research, trial and error, and thorough knowledge of systems, I have heard, has earned me the title of “marine electronics guru” according to online reviews. Not too shabby!

Max Marine Electronics Inc. has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years. We now employ an entire team of talented and skilled individuals, each of whom brings a unique skill set to the company. In the last five years, we have perfected the process of repairing electronics that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Recently, we have taken the repair processes we used to only preform on our own inventory, to offer repair service on customers' units. I am proud of my company and what we do for boaters and anglers worldwide. I am impressed by our close nit crew and loyal customer base. We have even been recommended by some of the OEM's to complete the repairs they no longer will - this is a huge compliment to our dedication and skill. By word of mouth alone the reputation of MME has enabled our growth and afforded us to be a most trusted source for quality used marine electronics and lasting repairs.

I appreciate all of our loyal customers and I invite prospective customers to read our eBay feedback and on line reviews. We want our customers, new and existing, to rest assured knowing that the services MME provides are second to none. Welcome to Max Marine Electronics Inc!


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